Sahar Gheliji

Sahar Gheliji is a business consultant manager with technical knowledge of business development, product development and research for over five years of hands-on experience in the study, all phases of product design, and the development process. She started working on analyzing how businesses, primarily start-ups, work. She firmly believes that start-up businesses are the source of creation and innovations in the most efficient way. She has worked in several industries from the onset of her career. She pursued business development to help businesses to develop great plans for advancement and economic growth. She also has an array of qualities that qualify her for this position. These are excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, business knowledge and intelligence, project management ability, computer literacy, and the ability to research and strategize. Working and learning about businesses and products are always her passions. She enjoys finding the best and most innovative solutions for any challenges, which is an opportunity to collaborate on projects where her skills, experience, and education can be fully utilized.

Some achievements were a book, papers, and patents under processing. After graduation, her horizons became extended, and she was working on how technology can help architecture and the world.

She is a business owner and is open to collaborating and helping business owners develop their businesses, products, research, and innovation, both domestically and internationally. If you’re interested, please get in contact.

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